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Written by Plant With Purpose on June 20, 2013 in General

The summer edition of Plant With Purpose’s quarterly newsletter, The Sower is issue #100! For those of you who missed it in your mailbox, click here to read the entire issue including reflections from the past 99 Sowers. Make sure you subscribe to the eSower here so you don’t miss another edition!

By Scott Sabin

We are celebrating the 100th edition of The Sower, a fact even more remarkable because we only publish it quarterly. Looking back, I am reminded of the many people that were involved in building the tremendous foundation that has allowed us to have the success we enjoy today. 

It is with a debt of gratitude to this broad partnership of farmers, ministry staff, volunteers, and supporters that we announce an exciting achievement this quarter: a 10-million tree milestone! This achievement is shared by many, with special credit to partnering farmers, who are the heroes of this story. We are not only celebrating the planting of trees, however, but also what the planting of trees has contributed to; a reduction in waterborne illness, better soil fertility and crop yields, families’ prosperity as a result of the Village Savings and Loan Associations, a renewed love for thy neighbor, and an understanding of God, all of which have been accomplished due to the faithfulness and loyalty of our different partners.

Click here to read Scott Sabin’s Director’s Corner from Issue #100.

By Doug Satre, Development Director, and Beth Luthye, Grant Writer

The East African country, Burundi is severely underrepresented in the media, but that does not undermine the fact that it is at the bottom of the Human Development Index and the top of the list for the world’s hungriest countries. Some would describe Burundi as the Rwanda they’ve never heard of. The 8.6 million people living in Burundi share a similar painful history of genocide and ethnic conflict to Rwanda.

But there is hope. Damien, the pastor of the Horeb Church, which is located on the outskirts of the capital city has partnered with Plant With Purpose to establish a Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) of 25 people who meet weekly in his church building. One of the ways the Horeb Church has gone to work is by growing banana plants. This is crucial for Burundi because 90 percent of the country’s people depend on agriculture for survival. Plant With Purpose partnering with the church has been able to grow improved, disease-resistant bananas, which has also garnered the President of Burundi’s support.

Read Damien’s inspiring story of looking death in the eyes and negotiating peace during a time of mass-murder and genocide here.

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