$400 Raised by Root(ed)

Written by Plant With Purpose on January 25, 2013 in General

“The only source of knowledge is experience. Albert Einstein

Last night, a group of students from Albert Einstein Academy in San Diego gained some knowledge. They took on the grave task of putting together a fundraiser for Plant With Purpose! By all means, it was a successful event, including raising $400 that will go toward planting trees and giving rural families the tools they need to lift themselves out of poverty.  


This group of sixth through eighth graders spent the past semester learning about Plant With Purpose in a course is called Root(ed). They investigated what the environment has to do with poverty. They learned about the benefits of planting trees. Classes were spent exploring the dynamics of microfinance. Reports were given on Tanzania, Burundi, Mexico, Thailand, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. Committees were formed. A fundraiser was chosen. Advertisement, food, decorations, prizes, and activities were lined up. And last night we celebrated as kids in San Diego raise funds to help kids around the world. 

Thank you Root(ed), Albert Einstein Academies, and Mrs. Small for a delightful carnival! 

Read a previous blog on Root(ed)’s fundraising efforts. 

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