A Plant With Purpose Love Story

Written by Plant With Purpose on March 24, 2010 in General

Plant With Purpose is transforming the lives of thousands of rural farmers in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Burundi, Mexico, and Thailand. Our transformational work would not be possible without the volunteers who dedicate their time, resources, and talents to help us reach our goals and tell the story of the rural families who are engaged in our programs and overcoming poverty.

Today we are excited to share a story about two fantastic Plant With Purpose volunteers whose hearts to serve others led to their very own love story.

Matt and Jess met for the very first time at the Plant With Purpose Gala in 2007. They had a mutual friend who worked for Plant With Purpose at the time and had recruited them to volunteer at the banquet. Their heart to serve others brought them together, but their light-hearted sense of humor and contagious laughter really caused a spark between them. Unfortunately, Jess had plans of leaving in a few short months for Africa and wasn’t sure if or when she would return to the U.S.

But Matt was determined in pursuing her. They spent as many days together as possible while in the same country and then once Jess left for Africa they emailed every day. Eventually, it became evident that Jess would no longer be staying in Africa, and in 2008 she returned to San Diego. The rest is really just history. A year later Matt took Jess for a walk on the beach in Encinitas during sunset…and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. They were married on November 27th, 2009 in Jess’ home state of Colorado. It’s a true Plant With Purpose volunteer love story! Congratulations Matt and Jess!

For those of you looking to get involved with Plant With Purpose (no promises on meeting the love of your life), we are looking for volunteers for some upcoming events:

  • the Earth Fair at Balboa Park on April 18th
  • the SDSU Earth Fair on April 22nd
  • Encinitas Environment Day on June 10th

Contact Corbyn Small at and help us share the Plant With Purpose love!

Thanks again to our faithful volunteers, interns, and advocates. You’re truly making a remarkable difference in the lives of the rural poor!

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