A Success Story in Tanzania

Written by Plant With Purpose on September 1, 2010 in General

Elikao Lyamuya is a farmer from Mshiri village. She has a family of eight children and has been a part of Plant With Purpose’s community banking network for over four years. Before joining with Plant With Purpose, Elikao had little confidence in herself and no hope for her family’s future. Her income was so low that she could only send four out of her eight children to school. Her family couldn’t even afford three meals a day. Her situation was so bleak that she even secretly hoped that her children would fail out of school because she had no means to pay their school fees.

We are delighted to report that she has improved her income through various Plant With Purpose projects that empowered her to find new ways to improve her business and care for the earth. She is now able to support her children’s education and other basic needs, and her family is eating three balanced meals a day! Although we are excited to report her families’ improved health and economic situation, we are even more encouraged by Elikao’s changed outlook on life and the new hope she has found in Jesus Christ. Both her self-esteem and her relationship with God have improved. “My relationship with God is increasing because I can now go to church with confidence because I can give offerings from my own income,” she said. Elikao has also experienced a great improvement in her relationships with other community members. Her new store, financed with loans from her community savings and loan group, provides opportunities for her to meet new people and group meetings provide vital fellowship time. “Women’s confidence and self-esteem has increased in our community,” Elikao said. “I pray for increased unity in the community.”

This is just one of many examples of the changed hearts and lives that have resulted from our transformational project in Tanzania. Stay tuned for more stories of communities joining together to improve their health and income, restore their identities as valuable children of God, and grow in their relationships with God and each other.  

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