Agricultural and Overpopulation Concerns in Haiti

Written by Plant With Purpose on February 26, 2010 in General

by Tenaya Wickstrand, Plant With Purpose PR and Events Intern

“ [A] couple’s spare, concrete house — no bigger than an average one-bedroom apartment in the United States — is packed to bursting. Food once converted to cash goes to feed the homeless loved ones. Money is now so short that the pair doubt they will be able to buy seeds for the crucial spring planting season that is only weeks away.” This is just one example Ken Ellingwood gives in his recent Los Angeles Times article, Haiti Quake is Beginning to be Felt Miles Away, of families struggling to feed and provide shelter for displaced Haitians.

Plant With Purpose works with communities who are experiencing this exact description.

Additionally, Ellingwood sheds light on the fact that, “Relief workers say only a tiny portion of international aid has been earmarked for rural Haitians, who account for most of the country’s 9 million people. Of the $23 million sought for farmers as part of an urgent appeal by the United Nations, donor governments have provided only about $2 million for agriculture.”

Plant With Purpose is one of 16 organizations in this agricultural focus. Our cluster has been designated 1 million, of the U.N.’s 2 million budget for Haiti, which would go toward helping 2,500 families in Haiti.

The deforestation in Haiti depletes the countryside, resulting in the lack of nutrients, soil, water resources, and food supplies. This is why Plant With Purpose is devoted to reversing this vicious cycle of deforestation by teaching them sustainable agro-forestry techniques. We have helped farmers plant more than 640,000 trees in Haiti, and plan to use short-term employment programs to plant 350,000 more by the end of the year.

A portion of Plant With Purpose’s relief funds are going toward the purchase of seeds to improve this situation, and help transform the lives of the rural farmers. We have purchased 70,178 lbs. of seed so far, and have started the distribution of those seeds last week.

Plant With Purpose has been privileged to be a part of the continuing transformation in Haiti.

To read the full article by Ken Ellingwood click here.

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