April is Here, Do You Want to Volunteer?

Written by Plant With Purpose on March 28, 2011 in General

by Corbyn Small

April is a great month. Right off the bat, it kicks off with a splash of office pranks and generally fun foolishness (I’m in the process of plotting this year’s mini-hoaxes to be played on friends, family, and loved ones). The weather is turning, everything starts getting greener (because it never really gets brown here in San Diego), students enjoy their spring breaks, everyone breathes deeply for the second half of the month because taxes are over, and to top it all off… we celebrate Easter! What’s not to be thankful for in April?

Another big reason I like April so much is because of the plethora of Earth Day activities abounding all over the country. The invitations are pouring in for events for Plant With Purpose to participate in. I’ve listed a few of them below and am beginning to seek out volunteers to help out at each. If you are interested in volunteering some of your time to help Plant With Purpose reach more people, then April is a great time to start. We’d love to have you help by volunteering to represent Plant With Purpose at any of these events. Please send me an email and let me know which event you are interested in at Or, maybe you know of another event in your area and you’d like to see Plant With Purpose there… let me know!

4/10/2011    1st United Methodist Church Mission Valley- Eco Sunday 9-12:30pm
4/17/2011    Balboa Park Earth Day (we’ll need 10-15 volunteers!)
4/21/2011    SDSU envirofair (we need students on campus to promote PWP)
4/23/2011    EarthFest LA  (still working on details but we hope to be here!)
4/28/2011    Business Earth Day fair- 9233 Balboa Ave San Diego, CA 92123 10:30am-1:30pm
4/29/2011    USD Spring Gift fair 10am-2pm
4/29-30/2011  Inhabit Conference- Seattle, WA (know people here? let me know!)

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