August Prayer Letter

Written by Plant With Purpose on August 6, 2010 in General

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners:

Today is Plant With Purpose’s International day of prayer and fasting. Please join us in praying for our programs around the world:


Praise for:

  • Bob’s safe travel in Haiti in July.
  • Good results from the Haiti relief project financed by the United Nations.
  • Safe distribution of seeds and tools in the communities with Plant With Purpose members and non-members in partnership with Food and Agriculture Organization.

Prayer for:

  • Serge, our technician in Haiti, who lost his wife and child in the earthquake as he lives with this difficult loss.
  • The many thousands who are still living in tents or under plastic tarps and may be there for years to come.
  • The Episcopal parish in Grand Colline as they tear down the old church, school and guesthouse and begin rebuilding.
  • Better crops for the summer agriculture season.
  • Delcius, a member of the staff, who has his son suffering with meningitis.
  • Continuity in the relationship between Haitian farmers and Plant With Purpose staff. The
  • staff received a large number of tree seedlings from the Dominicans to be used for reforestation on the Haitian side of the border.


Praise for:Baba and Mama Banzi

  • The first crop of beans that the Miwaleni farmers group from the low land have started harvesting as part of the USAID funded project.
  • The Rural and Agricultural Finance and Food Security Learning Program which is finally coming together and is ready for use.
  • Good health for all the staff.

Prayer for:

  • Tanzanian Technical Director, Mama Banzi’s father’s health and recovery.
  • A safe and successful trip to India for Richard and Samson which will take place during second week of August.
  • Ideal weather conditions, motivation and determination for the coming harvest for farmers under the Plant With Purpose / USAID project.
  • A stable political situation for the International meeting since this is an election year in Tanzania.


Prayer for:

  • A favorable outcome for the hill tribe communities as the forestry authorities decide whether or not to move forward on establishing a national park in the region.
  • The recently established network of churches to respond to the needs of the communities.
  • Churches to respond to the growing drug abuse problem in the communities.
  • Wisdom in moving forward on a joint program with Mercy Ministries Foundation, Micro Economic Development Foundation, Compassion International, and our partner organization, UHDP.
  • Plant With Purpose staff as they seek God’s wisdom in improving their work.


Praise for:

  • The Solana Beach Presbyterian Church visit to Oaxaca, which was a great blessing to the community of Nuxiño.
  • The progress made in the construction of the Community Center (CECIC) in Nuxiño.

Prayer for:

  • The reforestation activities that are being carried out in the different communities where we work.
  • Our sister Claudia Camacho, the Plant With Purpose Mexico assistant, who is taking an exam to begin her MBA studies.
  • A healthy pregnancy and birth without complications for Claudia’s sister Veronica.

Dominican Republic

Prayer for:

  • Wisdom in working with the new savings and loans groups in the central border region.
  • Increased awareness for farmers from the border about protecting the soil and caring for their seedlings so that they can see an improvement.
  • Farmer associations to remain united and obtain financing for their agriculture plots from various sources.
  • Wisdom for the new spiritual development promoters from the central and border regions who have just begun their work.
  • Churches to be more involved with the groups that Plant With Purpose partners with.
  • More discipline in credit repayment from farmers and small business owners.
  • The savings and loan groups to be a success.


Praise for:

  • The positive recognition Plant With Purpose Burundi is receiving from local authorities and other Non-governmental organizations.
  • God’s grace that took people through the difficult election situation. After weeks of political tension around elections, situation is settling down. All elections (Local, Presidential, Legislative and Senatorial) are complete. The new government is likely to be formed in near future.

Prayer for:

  • Continued growth of the communities where we work and the organization as a whole.
  • The electoral process in Burundi, which has thus far been tumultuous. Please pray for God’s intervention, and that the elections would be free, fair, and peaceful.
  • The nomination of the new government to be peaceful.
  • The right person to be recruited to join the staff as the new accountant.


Praise for:

  • Jimmy, our new Development Department Assistant, and Claudette, our new Bookkeeper.
  • Our wonderful summer interns who generously donated their time and talents.
  • A great trip for Solana Beach Presbyterian Church to our program in Oaxaca, Mexico.
  • A strong beginning to the new fiscal year.

Prayer for:

  • Our annual Planting Hope Gala on October 9th to have a high attendance, raise much needed funds for Haiti and the other countries we partner with, and for God’s spirit to be present as people learn about Plant With Purpose’s vital mission.
  • Preparations for the upcoming trip to Haiti for St. Clement’s Episcopal Church and La Jolla Presbyterian Church.
  • Orientation and training of new staff.
  • The right person to fill the open Program Officer position.
  • A smooth audit process.
  • Increased exposure for Plant With Purpose.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We are deeply grateful for your partnership.

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