Burundi Election Update

Written by Plant With Purpose on August 20, 2010 in General

By Annie Fikes

On June 9th, we posted a blog about the pending elections in Burundi. Political tensions and violence have surrounded the elections in the past few months, creating a difficult situation for many residents in Burundi.

Opposition parties boycotted the President, Senate, and National Assembly elections, claiming that the elections were fraudulent, despite the fact that Burundi electoral processes meet the international standards for a democratic election. This boycott increased political tensions and separated people from the voting process. Burundi citizens who did not support the party in power had no one to vote for, and did not participate in the election.

During the time surrounding the election, more than 100 grenade attacks and arson attacks were made on ruling party offices. The ruling majority party subjected opposition party members to censorship and arrests.

Thankfully, Bob Morikawa, Plant With Purpose Technical Director who oversees our Burundi programs, shared with us that the Local, Presidential, Legislative, and Senatorial elections are complete and a new government will be formed soon. It is a blessing for Burundi to be moving away from the tension and violence surrounding the elections.

Burundi is a nation that is struggling to recover from years of ethnic civil war and unrest. It is important that the new government is able to make peace between the ruling and opposition parties. There is still a chance of dangerous rebellions and social unrest because of the results of this election. Please pray for wisdom and integrity in the new government and peace in Burundi!

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