Changes in Haiti

Written by Plant With Purpose on September 20, 2010 in General

Plant With Purpose’s Technical Director, Bob Morikawa, just spent the last week visiting our program in Haiti. We’d like to share with you one of his blog posts from the field:

“Last week I mentioned the discouragement that comes with seeing such little progress many months after the earthquake. This past week, I have been accompanying a group from the US who support our project and we visited some of our work in the border area between Haiti and the DR. It is very satisfying and encouraging for me to return months later and see soil conservation work and especially trees that are surviving and thriving, particularly knowing that that heavy cloud of discouragement is hanging overhead in the larger relief/development community. These growing trees push back that cloud just a little bit and in truth it was great fun to show off our work to our visitors. So I want to do the same for you with a few pictures below.

A timber tree, planted in March by one of our earthquake relief planting teams, now about 75 cm tall. Notice the rock barrier above which is reinforced by the tree as it grows.

A farmer, Darius, and one of our technicians, Ketty standing next to a timber tree planted in a cropping field in 2008, ie. pre-earthquake work, and done voluntarily by the farmer (unlike the earthquake relief teams who were paid).

Darius standing next to another timber tree planted in 2008.

Several timber trees also from 2008, making their way above the weeds.”

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