Community’s Vision Bears Fruit

Written by Plant With Purpose on May 3, 2011 in General

by Aly Lewis

Now I know it’s not Wednesday, but I’d like to post about our Oaxaca program anyway. Mexican Mondays, anyone?

When I had the opportunity to visit Plant With Purpose’s program in Oaxaca, Mexico about year ago, I had the privelege of visiting the wonderful almost-completed community center envisioned and constructed by a dedicated community group in the village of Loma Chimedia. The locally run Center for Training and Community Exchange was officially inaugurated just a few months ago.

This accomplishment represents an immensely fruitful collaboration between Plant With Purpose and the people of Loma Chimedia that has literally transformed the very fiber of the community. In partnership with Plant With Purpose, Loma Chimedia has improved their access to clean, safe water, learned ways to improve family health, nutrition, and income, restored community relationships (especially among women), constructed cisterns, ecological latrines, wood saving stoves, and drip irrigation systems, produced tomatoes in greenhouses, and gained capacity that they didn’t have before.

All of these projects have been guided by their core vision “to be a transformed, organized, self-managed group working to improve our quality of life in social, spiritual, and economic aspects, instilling values in our children and young people of the community so they don’t emigrate.” They are now using this clarity of vision and confidence in themselves to impact communities around them by facilitating Plant With Purpose trainings in the Center for Training and Community Exchange that they built themselves. The center serves as a hub for training, exchanges, and support for communities the region.

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