Eight Thousand Strong

Written by Plant With Purpose on October 27, 2010 in General

by Corbyn Small

Facebook users unite! There is a really cool application on facebook called ‘Causes‘ that exists to connect facebook users to great non-profit organizations via the web. It provides simple ways for people to promote, share, fundraise, and stay up to date with non-profits they love! We wanted to make sure our blog readers were aware of it because this can be one of the best ways to ‘do something’ for a cause that you are passionate about!

Plant With Purpose has been a part of Causes for well over a year now and we have had some exciting things take place over that time. One of which was a $10,000 donation! (Yeah, we cheered when we saw that come in) The other is that we recently topped 8,000 members (7,000 of those were in the last 12 months!) The really cool thing is that these are members from ALL over the world. From Hawaii to Bangladesh to Australia.

Here are three immediate ways you can take action for Plant With Purpose via Causes.

1. Join Causes and if you’d like you can post a casual hello to the other members. Maybe say what you love about Plant With Purpose. Then when we make updates or release new videos you’ll just see them pop up in your daily news feed on Facebook!

2. Invite up to 75 friends a day to join the cause- Once you Join you will be able to invite friends! This is an easy way to let your friends know about Plant With Purpose. Its a piece of cake and it only takes a minute to add a nice little personalized note. It lets your friends know what a good person you are too for caring about a great cause 😉

3. Have a birthday party on Causes! Every month tons of people give up their birthdays to support Plant With Purpose and help the rural farmers that we work with! Instead of asking your friends for bday presents you can ask them to donate 20 dollars to your bday wish of raising ‘x’ number of dollars! We have raised over $2,000 raised just through individual bday wishes! It’s not hard!

We are excited to keep pushing on and seeing more and more people find out about Plant With Purpose all around the world. Let’s start with adding you and your friends to the Cause!

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