Feeling the Love

Written by Plant With Purpose on December 5, 2011 in General

Our ears have been burning a little this last week. We’re honored to have had a few bloggers we respect write about our Holiday Village Market gift catalog 

Thanks to Rachel Held Evans for including us in her “My Favorite Things list, and thanks to Simple Organic for the shout out in their Home for the Holidays highlights. Thanks also to Shawn Parr for his mention in a list of favorite social enterprises through Fast Company.

We’re convinced that the fight against poverty is going to take all of us, so we’re really encouraged by these online partnerships as well as being listed in the company of some amazing organizations doing work around the world.

If you haven’t seen the Holiday Village Market gift guide yet, check it out. This year you could buy everyone in your family a Christmas tree that won’t end up in the chipper and will help to change real lives for a long time. Or you can watch the look on your Aunt Judy’s face when you tell her that what you’d really like for Christmas this year is a pair of breeding bunnies. 

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