Floresta-Burundi Program Update

Written by Plant With Purpose on February 27, 2010 in General

by Kate McElhinney
Plant With Purpose board member Cathi Lundy graciously came to our office on Thursday to give a presentation on her recent visit to Plant With Purpose’s newest program in Burundi, Africa. Cathi and her daughter, Neva Lundy, were the first Plant With Purpose supporters to visit our programs there, so it was invaluable to hear her stories and experiences, and to view her magnificent photos. We have been working in Burundi for a little over a year now, and it is encouraging to hear people’s testimonies about how their lives have been transformed.
Below are some photos from Cathi’s trip. Thank you, Cathi!

The Floresta-Burundi staff made this sign out of bricks.

Fuel efficient stoves help the environment by minimizing the need for wood, shortening cooking time, and cutting down on pollution from burning. More importantly, the people can make them from materials readily available.
This is a cassava plant. They use almost all of it by cooking the greens on the top and eating the root at the bottom. They can also dry and grind the root into flour and make fu fu (pasty starch like ugali eaten with other foods). Additionally, they take cuttings and sell them to other farmers to start fields.
According to Cathi, this is one of the main images that symbolizes Burundi: a mother with a baby on her back.

Stay tuned for more stories from Burundi!

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