Highlights from Haiti

Written by Plant With Purpose on May 25, 2011 in General

In this picture, the children from “Immaculee Conception,” a local school in Fonds Verrettes, Haiti, are receiving seedlings from their own nursery to plant on a nearby farm. This helps them learn the tree planting process and helps them get involved with the local community.

Here, the children are being instructed on how to plant the seedlings. This is part of Floresta-Haiti’s Environmental Education program, which teaches children the long-term benefits of planting trees and how to plant them. There are 200-300 children in the school, and 50 of them have participated this year in the Environmental Education program. The technician, pictured here in the blue shirt, is supervising to make sure the children are planting the trees properly.

This fishpond was created a year ago in the Fonds Verettes community. There are about 8-dozen fish in this pond. Fishponds are an excellent way for communities to quickly produce fish to sell in the market, and also to eat, increasing their incomes and providing extra nutrition for their families. The beneficiary of this pond, Jean Robert Midiate, fished with family and friends last Easter to have food for their celebration. Right now there are preparations in the works for more fishponds in the Fonds Verretts area.

Mrs. Enette Mathurin, pictured here, is a member of the Fonds Verettes community. She recently visited the Floresta-Haiti office in Fonds Verrettes to thank Plant With Purpose for teaching her the technique of breeding her goats. Goats provide families with nourishment and income and can even increase crop yields by providing fertilizer. And, because they eat just about anything, they’re easy to raise. Enette now has four goats and says she is very thankful for Plant With Purpose’s help!

Please pray for Haiti as we enter the six-month long hurricane season, starting June 1st. The U.S. government forecasters expect it to be an above average season.  We pray that Haiti will be spared and that the people we work with will be able to continue to rebuild their lives unhindered.

If you would like to support a village in Haiti, please click here.

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