Honor Thy Father This Father’s Day

Written by Plant With Purpose on June 4, 2013 in General

“A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society.” — Billy Graham

Father’s Day provides us with an opportunity to honor our fathers and to thank them for their love and support, and the future they have helped us assemble. Fathers all around the world work tirelessly to bestow happiness and posterity upon their children. One of our partnering farmers, Fedner Rochette, is a Haitian father of two who invests in his children’s future by tending to his land and restoring his environment.

He says, “I had a piece of land to buy, but my money was not enough. I got a loan for $375 (USD) … and I bought it. When I buy a piece of land, it is a permanent asset … for the future. I received trees [from Plant With Purpose] and I planted trees in the piece of land that I bought. Now, I have a plot of trees. It is a good hope for tomorrow.” Fedner now has a savings account set aside that helps him provide for his children’s well-being—food, medicine, and school fees, even in periods of adversity.

Plant with Purpose has taught him “how to graft, to build anti-erosive barriers, to make compost, to plant trees.” He says, “Now, because my pieces of land are protected, the erosion is stopped. I [receive] better yields from my crop” and can feed my family.

This Father’s Day, take time to let your father know how important he is to you. Download our Father’s Day Card to let him know his love and support have not gone unnoticed. And in expression of your thanks, honor your father by giving the gift of opportunity to one of our partnering farmers.

Your gift of Sustainable Microfinance will help provide loans that contribute to the happiness, health, and futures of families around the world by creating opportunities for fathers to invest in the well-being of their land, their homes, and their families.

Happy Father’s Day!

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