International Woman’s Day

Written by Plant With Purpose on March 8, 2010 in General

Today is International Woman’s Day, and people around the world are celebrating the economic, political, and social achievements of women.

In honor of this special day, we would like to introduce Eloída López Lopéz, a member of the El Oro community in Mexico. A mother of three, Eloida and her husband, Odilón, used to struggle to find enough food to feed their family. Then Eloída heard about Plant With Purpose’s family garden project, and her and her family began participating. With the help of Plant With Purpose, Eloída planted a garden that is now producing nutritious vegetables—maize, beans, squash, and peas, just to name a few. Now there is enough food for everyone!

Eloída has been particularly blessed and excited by the family garden project. She says, “I am very happy because Plant With Purpose has supported me with the project of vegetables. I always have my plants; I eat them and sell them also. Thank you to those who have supported me.”

Additionally, Eloída has joined a basket- and bag-making group and a revolving loan fund, both of which provide Eloída with alternative income sources and have empowered her to follow her dreams and provide for her family.

On behalf of Eloída, the Plant With Purpose staff, and all the women Plant With Purpose works with who are experiencing empowerment and transformed lives for themselves and their families, happy International Woman’s Day!

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