Introducing New Hope at PWP ~ Alyssa Hope That Is!

Written by Plant With Purpose on June 12, 2012 in General

By Alyssa Hope

Hello! I am very excited to be starting my summer internship with Plant With Purpose. God has certainly guided me to a good place, though the road He used to bring me here was more of a rabbit trail. Who would have thought that a term paper and a chance meeting at a conference could lead to an internship exactly where and when I needed it? 

Six months ago I had never heard of Plant With Purpose, but while writing a paper last semester on Christian environmental work I found their mission statement to be quite helpful. Of course, I turned in the paper and thought no more about it until I met their representative Becky Rosaler (who is now my boss!) at the Justice Conference in Portland, Oregon and discovered that they were based in San Diego and offered internships.

I see this as another spectacular, but completely unexpected, example of God’s leading in my life. I have just graduated from Simpson University with a degree in Cross Cultural Ministry, and am now living with my grandmother in Chula Vista as I’m looking into joining the Peace Corps. 

I have been interested in environmental work ever since growing up as an MK (missionary kid) in Russia where environmental exploitation had disastrous effects on people’s livelihoods and health. It was always obvious to me that taking better care of the earth could lead directly to improved quality of life, especially for the poorest of people.  However, it was not until the last year of college that I began to connect that conviction with my passion for Christian mission. So, I am thrilled to have this opportunity to learn and grow and begin to take part in what God is doing through Plant With Purpose this summer.

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