Invite Friends to Our Facebook Cause for a Chance to Win a Tee!

Written by Plant With Purpose on June 14, 2010 in General

Are you looking for a way to support Plant With Purpose but can’t necessarily make a donation? Here’s your chance to help us grow our cause! We are having a contest to see who can invite the most friends on Facebook to join our Cause page.

As a reward, WE ARE GIVING AWAY FIVE NEW PLANT WITH PURPOSE T-SHIRTS to the top 5 people who invite the most friends. You can be one of the first to sport these new tees designed by our friends at Jedidiah. (Check out the tees here: We have men’s and women’s sizes.)

We just hit our goal of over 5,000 members and we know we can blow right past that and on to 6,000+! Here’s how to take a shot at winning the newest Plant With Purpose tee:

1. Invite as many friends as you can to join Plant With Purpose’s Cause page (75 per day) in the next 7 days. The contest ends Monday, June 21st. If you aren’t a part of our Cause page yet click here.

2. Tally how many friends you invited over the week and email your total tally to Emails must be received by 3 p.m. on the 21st. (Any tie breakers will go to the person who got the most people to join our cause!)

3. If you invited the most friends we will email you telling you that you won and asking you to please give us your mailing address and shirt size!

Thanks to all of our current 5,007 members for following our cause and being a part of empowering rural farmers all around the world. We hope you participate in our contest and help us spread the word! We have raised over $12,000 dollars through our Facebook Cause page through generous donations and people making b-day wishes for Plant With Purpose. If you have a birthday coming up, consider setting a fundraising goal asking your friends and family to donate to Plant With Purpose instead of buying you presents.


-The Plant With Purpose staff

Our awesome new t-shirt designed by Jedidiah!

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