Life-changing Gifts for Moms

Written by Plant With Purpose on December 21, 2010 in General

Dec. 21, 2010

By Aly Lewis

Why is it that moms are so hard to shop for? Sure, I could get mom a nice holiday scented candle or lotion set or even pick out a nice top and scarf from J. Jill. But when I think about what moms really want for Christmas, the answer isn’t something you can buy at a store. Most of the moms I know really just want what’s best for their children. They want their families happy, healthy, and together.

Just like your mom, the moms Plant With Purpose works with want nothing more than health, happiness, and a bright future for their families. But for most of them, providing their children with nutritious food, clean water, a safe place to live, and a good education isn’t such an easy gift to give.

A large proportion of the world’s poor and hungry are children; it is the mothers of these children that Plant With Purpose serves. Plant With Purpose empowers these women to overcome poverty and provide for their families in a number of different ways. One way is through the formation of women’s savings and loan groups. For example, in Tanzania women can join a Plant With Purpose village community savings group and gain access not only to credit and financial training, but also to an entire support system.

LaurenciaOne woman, Laurencia, has benefited greatly from this support system. Laurencia lives in the village of Siha, Tanzania. Born blind and with no way to earn a living, Laurencia has struggled in extreme poverty. She has three children and providing for their needs has been a constant struggle. In many third world countries, one would expect to find women like her begging by the side of the road. Yet that is not where Laurencia’s story ends.

Laurencia is a member of a remarkable village community savings group. With coaching from Plant With Purpose trainers, her group meets weekly to pool their savings, learn small business skills, and make loans. Many women in the group are now making enough money to send their kids to school, or to pay medical bills or to better feed their families. The group has been formed for a serious purpose, but they also have a good time; they joke and laugh and sing and tell stories on each other.

Laurencia is not just a group member, she is one of the leaders, helping to facilitate the meeting and encouraging other group members as they all seek to improve their lives. As a result of her participation, Laurencia has been able to start a resale business, providing much needed income for her family. Her family is less vulnerable to the chronic malnutrition and hunger that affect so many of the world’s poor. But not only that, the group has recently donated $2,000 of their own savings to build her a house. They are also donating labor and materials to help keep the costs down.

What a gift!

This Christmas, as you shop for gifts for the mothers in your life, consider giving a gift that will make a world of difference for a mother in a developing country.

Go to our Holiday Village Market Gift Catalog to donate to Business Skills and Microcredit Loan Management Training, which is really just a long name for providing training and guidance to a saving group like Laurencia’s.

 $50 will provide a share of a full course of training on important loan management techniques and business skills for women. But any amount will help equip and empower women to follow their dreams and give their families the gift of heatlh, happiness, and hope for a brighter future.

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