Little Chicks Make a Big Difference This Easter

Written by Plant With Purpose on March 26, 2013 in General

Easter is only a few days away! As many of us scramble to buy scrumptious candy for our Easter egg hunts, lets keep in mind the reason for the season, eternal hope and salvation.  

This Easter, give the gift of hope by providing a “nest egg” for a family in need. For as little as $10—the equivalence to 3 cartons of decorating eggs—you can provide a family in need with a clutch of 5 chicks, a literal nest egg for the future. 

Families will learn how to care for their chickens so they’ll stay healthy and continue to produce nutritious eggs for years to come. A good hen can lay up to 200 eggs per year–plenty to eat, share, and sell! These eggs become a consistent source of protein in a families diet. They are also sold at market for a source of income. With the proceeds these chickens provide, families can afford to send their children to school or cover the cost of health care. A further benefit is that chickens act as pest control and also produce fertilizer for vegetable gardens.  


This Easter, honor your children, your dad, your grandmother, your friend, your significant other, by bringing hope and restoration to those who desperately need it!

Check out the Plant With Purpose Gift Catalog for more gifts of hope, and be sure to download and print an Easter card to add to your loved ones’ Easter baskets!

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