Live the Fast so others don’t Die Young

Written by Plant With Purpose on November 8, 2011 in General

Plant With Purpose has the unique opportunity to participate in a groundbreaking alliance of wonderful Christian non-profit organizations that are calling the Church to live the Fast of Isaiah 58. Thousands of Christians across the United States are talking about Isaiah 58 and how Christ calls us to pour ourselves out on behalf of the poor. When we do that, He promises us, “our night will become like noon day.” Here’s a few ways you can join us and thousands of others in a movement that is sweeping the nation!

1. Join the cause at Take action. Spend some of your time on the Live 58 website.

2. Watch the 58: film trailers (above-or if you cannot see it click here) and then consider where in your church or small group you might be able to team up with some people to present a screening. I promise you, this hour and a half film will stir the hearts of people at your church in ways that will only encourage them to love one another more deeply and seek to understand Christ more clearly.

3. After you join the movement, help us by sharing live58 with your friends, join the environment group, or give the gift of a fuel efficient stove through Plant With Purpose. Email me and tell me what you did! How many people did you invite? What social media did you share Live58 on? Share your favorite ACTION so that others might be inspired to act now! Seriously, email me at

We are so grateful to be a part of this movement and we are excited to see how God will be moving the Church to send extreme poverty into the history books! To learn more and to join the cause, visit and join us as we work together to fast-forward the end of poverty.

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