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Written by Plant With Purpose on April 27, 2010 in General

by Corbyn Small

We’ve always been an international non-profit organization… we’ve always been based in San Diego and have been pretty good at telling the story of our work with subsistence farmers… but we haven’t always had great international exposure… Well, here’s some good news: Plant With Purpose is getting more recognition for its quality international programs than EVER before! Here are some cool ways folks across the US and around the globe are representing Plant With Purpose and engaging in their communities!

In Boulder, Colorado Plant With Purpose was welcomed with a warm reception to the Boulder EarthFest event in celebration of Earth Day. Plant With Purpose was one of 10 non-profit organizations to receive a complimentary space at this spectacular event. Thousands of members of the community came to celebrate mother earth, and plenty of them got the chance to learn about Plant With Purpose’s sustainable mission to care for the environment and empower the people who inhabit it. Erik Haagenson, a student in Boulder and enthusiastic supporter of Plant With Purpose ran a great interactive booth sharing our story. About mid-day I got a call from Erik updating me about the event, and one particular thing he said made my day as the

Plant With Purpose Outreach Coordinator. Erik said, “I am so proud to be representing Plant With Purpose here. You guys are really an incredible organization.”

If you know of big events that you think Plant With Purpose should be represented at and you want to host a table and share our story, please email me!

Moving further away than Colorado… In Luxembourg and Canada, two business owners have already committed 1% of their company’s revenue to Plant With Purpose’s Haiti relief efforts. 1% For the Planet has helped get us connected, and we are now building relationships with these folks. Our friend in Luxembourg, Per-Fredrik, is even running a marathon in May and has set a goal to raise $1,000 for Plant With Purpose! (formerly known as Floresta) check it out here—-> If you would like to help Plant With Purpose in your own fundraising efforts, please email me at We have a lot of resources available to help you tell our story and we need the help of people like Per-Fredrik and Erik all around the world!

One easy way to both share Plant With Purpose and fundraise for us is through Facebook! There are more

than 50 people around the world who have signed up on Facebook to ask their friends to forget buying birthday presents for their upcoming bday and inviting them instead to donate to Plant With Purpose because we are the cause they want to support! Some people have raised over $400 just by asking for small $15-25 gifts from their friends and family! Tell your family why you care about Plant With Purpose and the work we do and I bet they will gladly support you! Check it out, click here!

To list a few more great stories… In Northern California, a great friend of Plant With Purpose hosted a wine party with a purpose! He shared his passion for Plant With Purpose with lots of friends and raised a few thousand dollars to support our programs! In classrooms around the United States there are teachers who are sharing Plant With Purpose with their

students who, in turn, are sharing it with their families and hosting creative fundraisers! The list goes on and on of creative ways individuals and groups are supporting us. The exciting bottom line is this: there are TONS of ways that you can help Plant With Purpose gain exposure and fundraise! All it takes is some time, passion, and a little creativity! So give it a shot and let us know what exciting ways you are helping to make a difference for Plant With Purpose!

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