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Written by Plant With Purpose on December 14, 2010 in General

Visit Plant With Purpose’s online Holiday Village Market Gift Catalog here!

by Aly Lewis

Does the craziness of holiday shopping really get your goat? Are you looking for a gift that will breed joy like rabbits? What if there was a way to get all of your shopping done without running around like a chicken with its head cut off?

Well, look no further! Plant With Purpose’s online Holiday Village Market Gift Catalog offers a menagerie of alternative gifts that will let you check off your holiday shopping list with two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

Last week we highlighted the incredible difference a gift of a garden can make for an entire family. This week we’re especially excited to tell you about another category in our gift catalog: ANIMALS!

You can buy a brood of 10 chicks, a breeding pair of rabbits, goats and sheep in honor of your loved ones this Christmas.

While each animal provides its own benefits, they all provide hope for improved life and a better future for suffering families. The gift of chickens and rabbits provide food, pest control, compost, and companionship, while the gift of goats and sheep provide fertilizer, wool, and dairy products. All of these animals will substantially decrease the vulnerability of many rural farm families who otherwise face a daily struggle to survive.

To find the perfect Christmas present for your loved ones (yes, even the black sheep in your family), check out Plant With Purpose’s Gift Menagerie, I mean Holiday Village Market, here:

Avoid the holiday shopping zoo and give your family and friends lasting—and not-to-mention-adorable—gifts without even leaving the roost!

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