Planting With Purpose in the Dominican Republic

Written by Plant With Purpose on August 24, 2010 in General

By Corbyn Small

I mentioned a few weeks ago in the blog that I would have the opportunity to visit Plant With Purpose’s programs in the Dominican Republic. Well, I am back safe and sound and had an incredible trip! I have to say, that personally the absolute best part of the trip was meeting my Dominican co-workers, experiencing their passion for their work, and being invited into the ever-so-gracious and hospitable Dominican culture! We spent one week in the DR and got the opportunity to visit five of the communities where we have been working with farmers to empower them to live sustainably off of their land, have access to credit and savings, and engage more fully in the work of their local churches. The first picture here is a group shot of the Village Church youth group students that came on this trip with me and over 20 youth and leaders from the community of Kilometro 61. You can see a major reforestation project that is taking place in the background of this photo up on the mountaintop!  In a partnership between the land-owner, Plant With Purpose, and the local municipalities, community members are restoring a watershed that feeds water into one of the Dominican Republic’s main rivers!

The second photo here is a picture of myself with our Dominican Director, Carlos Disla. Rarely will you find a man more hospitable, friendly, or compassionate than Carlos. He certainly manifests Christ’s call to pour ourselves out on behalf of the poor. It was a true blessing to spend the week with him and to see the leadership that he has had building Plant With Purpose’s Dominican programs over the years. We currently have 28 Dominican staff members including the recent hires that were made to expand our microfinance programs and run pilot savings groups in communities where we haven’t offered credit before. Thanks to all our Dominican staff who work so hard to reach out to so many rural farmers and their families and for making our trip incredibly memorable and knowledge filled! We all learned so much!

There will certainly be more stories, testimonies, and pictures to come!

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