Pray With Purpose This January

Written by Plant With Purpose on January 3, 2013 in General


At the start of a new year, we have many reasons to praise God for the good work that took place in 2012. We also lift up the year ahead, asking God to go before Plant With Purpose in preparing His fields for harvest. Please join with us tomorrow, the first Friday of the month, as Plant With Purpose’s international family prays in unity for God to transform lives.


We praise God for: 
– The accomplishments that took place in 2012, including 22 new Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) groups that are providing the opportunity for 430 households to have access to basic financial services and the ability to save for their futures.

We pray for:
– Continued program growth in 2013. Plant With Purpose Burundi is hoping to launch new VSLA groups in all the communities where Plant With Purpose is involved. 
– Continued peace and prosperity in this delicate region of Africa.

Dominican Republic

We praise God for: 
– God’s blessings during 2012, and we pray that 2013 would be a successful year for partnering churches, leaders, and farmers.
– The safety of our technical staff as they travel to and assist remote communities.
– The economic impact that the Village Savings and Loan Associations are having on the communities as they’ve collectively saved more than $125,000. These savings are providing for family needs and investments for farms.

We pray for:
– Plant With Purpose Dominican Republic staff as they seek to effectively and efficiently execute commitments made for 2013.
– Members of partnering communities, that they would thirst for God in order to have more fulfilling lives.
– Greater wisdom and resources to support the 52 current VSLA groups and for the additional resources needed to launch new groups in 2013.


We praise God for: 
– Progress and accomplishments within Plant With Purpose Haiti’s programs.

We pray for:
– More opportunities for Plant With Purpose Haiti to help farmers meet their needs for this new year because forecasts suggest it will be another tough year. 
– Continued recovery from Hurricane Sandy. Pray for provision as food prices rise due to crop loss and that the planting season would be productive. Also pray for housing needs. 
– The anniversary of the 2010 earthquake is January 12. Continue praying for the country and its recovery.   
– Discernment and wisdom while hiring a new VSLA staff person in Fonds-Verrettes.


We praise God for: 
– Empowering Plant With Purpose Mexico to start another year of activities. The staff is placing the work in His hands.
– The donors and partners who have made Plant With Purpose Mexico’s work possible. Pray for blessings on all of them.

We pray for:
– Office space that is large enough for all of Plant With Purpose Mexico’s staff. Pray for the right location in regard to the work being done in the field.
– Grace and wisdom for 2013.


We praise God for: 
– A great year-end to 2012. Program members planted a record number of trees, started numerous home gardens, and many new churches and schools began redemptive agriculture programs.

We pray for:
– The upcoming Wings of Kilimanjaro event where paragliders from all over the world will fly off of Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise support for Plant With Purpose Tanzania’s work. Pray that the paragliders will have a smooth climb and a safe, successful launch. And pray that the pilots will be inspired by visiting the work of Plant With Purpose. 
– Wisdom as we enter 2013. The organic vegetable project in partnership with USAID is wrapping up, and will be transitioning into the next phase of strengthening local markets for increased organic produce. 
– There is increasing excitement for organic produce in the Kilimanjaro region, which is great for Plant With Purpose Tanzania’s member farmers. Pray for these financial opportunities for the farmers and wisdom for community leaders as they decide how to proceed.


We praise God for: 
– His blessings on Plant With Purpose Thailand during 2012 and the way that He always leads our ministry and our staff in serving and empowering communities.
– A fruitful and Christ-focused Christmas celebration where over 500 people gathered and shared the Good News with their friends.
– New leadership within the network of the Palaung/Daraang people group of Thailand. Pray that their actions will strengthen the network. 
– Continued financial provision for leadership development in holistic ministry. Praise God for the programs that are adopting and implementing holistic ministry practices in this region.

We pray for:
– The Plant With Purpose Thailand team to be motivated and empowered by God to reach out to more people in Southeast Asia. Pray for the growth strategy and readiness to reach out to marginalized people in need.
– The process of selecting new villages to work with and collaborations with other organizations to reach more communities in this region of the world.
– There are many partnerships that Plant With Purpose Thailand is involved in to bring holistic ministry, leadership development, prayer, and the sharing of the Gospel to the physically and spiritually marginalized people in the region. Pray for spiritual protection and growth in Thailand.    
– Reconciliation within the political situation in Thailand.
– Program Director Armando’s visit in January. 
– Staff development and program evaluation that will take place this month. 


We praise God for: 
– The blessing of generous partners and supporters. We also praise God for the great team that makes up Plant With Purpose internationally. 
– Safety during all the travel that took place in 2012 to field programs for both staff and groups on Vision Trips. 

Pray For:
– Safe travels as Program Director Armando Osorio visits Thailand.
– Financial support in 2013 that will allow for lives to be transformed in rural communities around the world. 
– Development Director Doug Satre will be traveling to Africa at the end of this month for the Wings of Kilimanjaro event. Program Officer Christi and Director of Finance Kristen will also be in Tanzania and Burundi this month.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We are deeply grateful for your partnership.

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