Pray With Purpose This June

Written by Plant With Purpose on June 6, 2013 in General

June 2013

Dear friends,

As we launch into summer, fields across the world continue to grow. Please keep Plant With Purpose’s farming families and staff in prayer during this busy time of year as they depend on the Giver of all good gifts for water and produce.

The first Friday of each month, the international Plant With Purpose family sets aside time to pray over our programs. Join us.


We praise God for:
-The healthy birth of Gerard’s newborn baby. We are pleased to add a new member to the Plant With Purpose family.

We pray for:
-The month of June is the end of our fiscal year, where we will be evaluating our annual goals. Pray that we will learn useful lessons for the coming fiscal year.
-The launch of a new cassava processing initiative, which will allow for the cassava to be more marketable and for farming families to earn more income through their hard work.
-Peace and security in our country.

Dominican Republic
We praise God for:
-His protection and blessing for the communities who have launched Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs).

We pray for:
-God to bless the literacy project starting in Quisqueya. Pray that the students will have the motivation to learn how to read and write.
-God to give us wisdom as we continue to expand the VSLA program into additional communities.

We praise God for:
-The safe and fruitful visit that St. Clement’s Episcopal Church from Minnesota had with community members from Fonds-Verrettes.

We pray for:
-Sufficient rain this spring so that the farmers can absorb short-term losses that occurred because of Hurricane Sandy.
-A smooth end to the fiscal year.
-Additional opportunities to serve families and communities in the upcoming fiscal year.

We praise God for:
-The family gardens project. In the past year, 140 families have benefited the start of chicken projects, which provide nutrition and income through egg production.
-Our new staff member, Laura, who is joining the Plant With Purpose team as our information officer.
-Our staff member Jorge and his completion of a certification in conservation agriculture.

We pray for:
-Timely rains for the recently planted field so that farms and orchards will bear fruit.
-Local churches to continue to promote the stewardship of creation in their communities.
-The children participating in our ministry activities. Pray that the values instilled through these programs will help them to bring about change in their communities.
-The governing officials at the local and state levels. Pray that they will govern fairly and with wisdom.
-God to grant our team member Carlos and his family strength as he recently lost his mother-in-law.
-The health of our staff and their families.

We praise God for:
-Blessing us with a spirit of unity and teamwork.
-The creativity that led to the idea of a group competition, which is motivating farmers to plant trees and improve their farms. The results in the field have really taken off.

We pray for:
-The work of tree planting that we have been doing this year—that it will bring positive change and sustainability to the communities where Plant With Purpose is working.
-Organic vegetable production and market access within the country. Pray that Plant With Purpose farmers will be the key to its success.
-Community members’ readiness while forming new savings-and-loan groups.
-Community members in the low-lying areas of Kileo, which were affected by flooding earlier this month. Pray that their situation will improve soon.

We praise God for:
-The successful meeting of a Holistic Ministry conference for more than 200 church leaders and pastors. Best practices were shared from local churches who are reaching out to their communities in various ways. This provided inspiration and encouragement to other churches. Please continue praying for churches to respond to the needs of their communities.

We pray for:
-Farmers and their preparation of fields for their next crops. Many farmers are integrating the ideas of agroforestry and soil conservation. Pray for our staff to be able to provide assistance and guidance to these farmers.
-Pray for the VSLA groups and that God will help the facilitators and our staff have wisdom in helping groups function well.
-Pray for staff visits to partnering communities.
-Pray for the organizations involved in an upcoming workshop on environmental rights and climate change.

We praise God for:
-Our summer interns as they adjust, settle, and serve through Plant With Purpose over the next couple of months.
-Safe visits to the field as staff is returning from Mexico, Tanzania, Burundi, Haiti, and Colombia.

We pray for:
-The Vision Trip to the Dominican Republic with The Father’s House Church (San Marcos, CA) and WaterStone Church (Littleton, CO).
-A strong finish to the fiscal year.
-The process to complete our website update.
-Our current staffing needs as we look for a Director of Field Operations to join the team in San Diego.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We are deeply grateful for your partnership.

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