Pray With Purpose This March

Written by Plant With Purpose on February 28, 2013 in General


On March 1, the first Friday of March, the Plant With Purpose international family will be lifting up these requests. Join us this month as we ask God to bring about transformation—both physical and spiritual—in the communities where Plant With Purpose serves.

On Friday, we also celebrate the conclusion of the Prayer Cycling event that Tui Thongdi, Thailand’s country director, has participated in. On the seat of a bicycle, he has ridden 2,131 kilometers through 22 provinces, visiting one local church within each province to pray and share a vision of church-led community development. Partner with Prayer Cycle in praying,

“God, you gave us a vision. Now please strengthen us to take action so we will see 1,000,000 more people know you and become your followers. In the name of Jesus, Amen.”


We praise God for:
– Country Director Lazare Sebitereko is traveling to Israel for an exchange visit with several organizations and universities. Plant With Purpose Burundi’s work has gained a lot of attention in this region of the world, which is leading to strong and interesting partnerships. We pray that God can use moments like these to do His work through us.

We pray for:
– God is opening doors in Burundi for the program to expand, and we need His wisdom. We currently have 25 Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA) groups, 44 farmer associations, and 13 Farmer Field Schools that our leadership is managing. But the need is much greater.
– Our two new staff members on the Plant With Purpose Burundi team. Noah has joined us as part of the church partnership team and Aline is the new assistant director.
– The ongoing process of developing our Theology of Work curriculum. Our hope is to expand this program to a large audience of church leaders across Burundi. Pray with us that God speaks through this project.

Dominican Republic

We praise God for:
– The formation of a new Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA) group in the community of Los Mejia, Loma Verde.

We pray for:
– The training process of adult literacy facilitators, led by local churches and Plant With Purpose in response to needs assessed by our church mobilization program.
– Sufficient rain in March so that partnering farmers can start planting their crops.
– The Vision Trip participants who will be visiting this month. Pray they will grasp Plant With Purpose’s transformational work in rural communities.


We praise God for:
– His protection over our country director, Guy Paraison, and his son as they were robbed.

We pray for:
– Enough rain this spring as farmers plant their crops, which will ensure food security for families in the areas where Plant With Purpose is working.
– Wisdom for Haitian authorities as they fighting against criminal acts within the country.
– The upcoming Vision Trip. Pray that it will be an enriching time for the visitors and staff. We also pray for safe travels for everyone involved.


We praise God for:
– The progress within our programs that has been accomplished during the first part of this year.
– His grace and care for us.
– The health of Eduardo Lopez Cortes, who recovered from a foot injury.

We pray for:
– The promoters in our communities who provide leadership for our programs. Pray that God would give them strength, courage, and wisdom to carry out theIR work. We will be gathering to meet March 8-9.
– The family of one of our promoters in the community of Ojo de Agua. Pray for God to strengthen and comfort them during a time of grief as his sister passed away in February.
– The health of the following individuals: Mrs. Yolanda Perez Vasquez in the community of Coatecas Atlas, our friend Graciela, and our colleague Claudia’s father. Please pray for God’s healing in their lives. 


We praise God for:
– The successful visit of U.S. staff and friends that took place in January and February. We hosted several visitors, including more than 50 of the paraglider pilots from Wings of Kilimanjaro. Despite delays, weather challenges, and some bumps in the schedule, we were able to introduce the pilots to our programs. Three Village Savings and Loan Associations groups hosted members of the group during their weekly meetings.
– The scaling-up of the program in Tanzania. About 10 new VSLA groups have been added each quarter, and plans are to continue at this rate. Praise God that all the VSLA groups are currently strong and performing well.

We pray for:
– Endurance and wisdom for the staff, farmers, and partnering communities as a USAID-funded market access program is winding down. This is a really busy time for the staff as they finalize all the pieces.


We praise God for:
– The successful Prayer Cycling initiative that included meetings with local churches and Christian leaders in northern and central Thailand. It was a good time to share our vision and the concept of holistic ministry.

We pray for:
– An end to the drought in Thailand, which has created challenges for local farmers.
– The implementation of Village Savings and Loan Associations groups in partnering communities.
– The preparation of the Holistic Ministry Conference taking place May 18-22, 2013, in Chaing Mai.
– The new communities in Fang and Prao areas, where Plant With Purpose has begun to work.


We praise God for:
– U.S. staff members who had many significant trips to the field last month, including Bob, Christi, and Kristen’s trip to Burundi and Tanzania and Milmer’s trip to Haiti.
– Beth and Becky’s trip to Philadelphia as they represented Plant With Purpose at the Justice Conference. We were grateful to be among the leaders in the justice movement.
– The safety of all those involved with the Wings of Kilimanjaro event, climb, and flight. Ninety-five adventurers, including our own Doug Satre, made it to the summit. Money raised from the event will go toward programs in Tanzania.
– Corbyn’s trip to the Dominican Republic with 14 influential leaders, as they were able to see the work of Plant With Purpose, HOPE International, and Edify.
– Scott and Doug’s travels to the San Francisco Bay Area and Michigan, where new partnerships are beginning.

We pray for:
– Scott and Cobyn’s time in Texas, as they share the story of Plant With Purpose and develop relationships.
– Vision Trips taking place this month in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Pray for safe travels and that these groups will be inspired by their time in country with our partners.
– Our hearts, minds, and actions as we prepare to celebrate new life and redemption during the Easter season.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We are deeply grateful for your partnership.

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