Pray With Purpose This May

Written by Plant With Purpose on May 2, 2013 in General

During staff devotions last week, we read and reflected on the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6.

“… Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Jesus’ prayer reminds us to be agents of change in bringing about God’s kingdom in the here and now. Today on the National Day of Prayer, we pause to lift up the United States. Tomorrow, the first Friday of May, please join the Plant With Purpose international community and pray over the following requests. Thank you for investing in the Kingdom. 

We praise God for:
– A successful meeting with the governor of Cibitoke (a province in northwest Burundi) for  potential partnership opportunities. If this partnership materializes, it will allow Plant With Purpose Burundi to expand into the Cibitoke province. 
– Providing for our needs so that we can continue serving the people of Burundi, including most recently a functioning truck.

We pray for:
– Peace as the security situation in Burundi has been hampered by threats of terrorist attacks.
– Governors visiting our activities in all the provinces we are working in.
– The launch of our cassava processing initiative. The machines to process cassava are being installed this month, and we hope they are a beneficial resource for partnering farmers.
– A strong end to this fiscal year. We hope to balance all of our accounts and have additional funds come in.
– The family of one of our partnering farmers, who was killed two weeks ago. Pray for her husband.

Dominican Republic
We praise God for:
– Healthy Bible study groups and their dedicated leaders, who are effectively teaching the Word of God.

We pray for:
– The opportunity to grow a variety of coffee that is more resistant to disease.
 The community of La Verde as they are trying a pilot project with bananas. Pray that it will be a blessing and will help to improve the financial conditions for the families involved.
– Rain. Pray that we will have enough for the normal growth of crops, fruit tress, and timber in the central and border regions. 
– Communities that are strongly involved in executing work in the upper half of the Ozama River.

We praise God for:
– Technical director Bob Morikawa’s safe and fruitful trip.

We pray for:
– The health of crops as the rainy season has been delayed. 
– Our promoter Jeannita, who gave birth to her first baby.
– A quick recovery for Jean Claude and Jean Robert, who broke their legs during a motorcycle accident.
– A safe trip for Doug Satre and the ministry team from Minnesota later this month.

We praise God for:
– His grace and blessings as He cares for us daily.
– His provision as we continue serving communities through development work.
– The health of Mrs. Adela, our promoter from Carrizal. Her health has improved.
– Our colleague Adriana’s sister, who delivered a healthy baby boy. We’re praising God for his life and no complications.

We pray for:
– Rainfall in La Mixteca. Currently there is a drought, and the intense heat has started to affect communities. Fires are damaging the forests that our communities are striving to protect.
– Our field staff. Pray that the projects planned for this quarter are implemented without any problems. 
– Program officer Milmer Martinez’s upcoming visit. Pray that it will be productive and enriching. Pray also that God would guard and protect him during his travels.
– The continued strength and health of the mother-in-law of our colleague Carlos.  
– That the pastor in La Canoa will find strength and encouragement as his wife recently passed away.
– God to guard and protect our new office and our office caretaker, Don Leobardo.

We praise God for:
– The great excitement within our communities. In the last 8 months, community members planted 1.5 million trees at their homes, churches, schools, and in the steep hillsides near streams and water sources. This is almost 500% more trees planted than we have witnessed in any previous year!
– Change within communities regarding the restoration of critical watersheds and the area surrounding Kilimanjaro National Park. Much of this is possible due to strong emerging partnerships with churches, schools, and other community groups. 

We pray for:
– Some of our communities are experiencing challenges as they work on the protection of watershed areas due to land ownership conflicts.
– Continued peace and reconciliation within our communities as we make large steps forward in replenishing forests in shared spaces.
– Our Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) facilitators. This group of 19 community members volunteers their time to teach the VSLA program within their communities. Many times the facilitators travel long distances to spend time and share with neighboring communities. We want to lift them up, give thanks for their time and dedication, and pray for their families and homes. 

We praise God for:
– The successful meeting with the leadership of Thailand Karen Baptist Convention and other Christian organizations. The purpose of the meeting was in regard to a community-based holistic development program, which promotes the role of local churches.
– A new long-term partnership with Tearfund United Kingdom.

We pray for:
– The Holistic Ministry Conference in Chiang Mai in May. Pray for the 300 church leaders and pastors who will be coming together to share their best practices in doing holistic ministry.
– The preparation of Plant With Purpose Thailand staff as we enter the new target area in Omkoi (western part of Chiang Mai). Continue to pray for people in the area who are facing difficulties due to land rights and citizenship issues.
– The Palaung network and its leadership, that they are able to take better roles in responding to issues among Palaung villages through the assistance of Plant With Purpose Thailand.
– A upcoming training focusing on watershed management, forest management, and agroforestry.

We praise God for:
– The chance to share about Plant With Purpose during Earth Day events and publicity opportunities, which include partnerships that are promoting Plant With Purpose’s mission and vision.
– His faithfulness as we’ve reached 10,000,000 trees planted worldwide!
– The honor of being awarded the Good Steward Award from the Arbor Day Foundation. Doug Satre traveled to Nebraska to accept the award on behalf of Plant With Purpose.
– Our spring interns as they end their time with us. We are so thankful for their service!
– Board chair Cathi Lundy, grant writer Beth Luthye, and the “Oaxaca Wahines” had a great visit to Mexico. 

We pray for:
– Our next board meeting on May 4. Pray that God would grant wisdom to our leadership as they set the course for growing our work.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We are deeply grateful for your partnership.


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