PWP Haitian Communities Speak Out

Written by Plant With Purpose on February 11, 2010 in General

Below are two short testimonies we have received from families in Haiti. These accounts show a tremendous amount of courage and faith despite dire circumstances.

Before the earthquake there were 11 people in my house. They ate 3 times per day and we sent 6 of them to school. After, 9 more people joined the family. I keep trying to give them 2 meals a day because things are getting difficult. There are 2 whose mother died in the earthquake. In that sense, I say to Plant With Purpose thank you because they helped me to give my family several hot meals. I ask God to show Plant With Purpose a way to have the means to continue to exist.- Franquer Delva, a Haitian woman who lives in the region of Kafe Lompre, Haiti.

Before the earthquake there were 10 people in my house. I lived with a contented heart and everyone ate 2 or 3 times per day. After the earthquake my spirit is not at peace, and I live with a fearful heart. From time to time I feel like I am shaking even though no tremor has passed. My house was not destroyed but has some damage. I say to Plant With Purpose thank you for the first hot food we will eat and we see we will find a way to have food for several days. Now there are 18 people living in my house. It is only God who could guide everyone to work to get this food and other things to come. –Desire Lachand, a Haitian woman who lives in the region of Martel, Haiti

We have a great opportunity to make a huge difference in the communities where we have been working for the last thirteen years. These rural communities have seen a significant increase in the number of mouths to feed and family members to shelter. Help our 40 Haitian staff members provide immediate food aid and long-term food security to families in need. The planting season is quickly approaching! We are working with 2,500 farmers and their families (15,000-20,000 individuals, depending on further migration) and need your support! Please visit and share to be a part of what Plant With Purpose is doing in response to the earthquake in Haiti.

Thank you,

~The Plant With Purpose staff in the US and Haiti.

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