Springtime of Hope

Written by Plant With Purpose on May 16, 2011 in General

By Kate Nare

Springtime is one of my favorite times of year. The wildflowers in San Diego suddenly burst open, creating blankets of hot purple, pink, orange, and yellow. The weather warms up and the days become longer. All of creation seems to wake up and celebrate the coming of spring.

Last night, Plant With Purpose celebrated this renewal during our “Springtime of Hope” special event in Santa Ana by highlighting the hope that’s blossoming in Haiti and Burundi.

It was truly an inspirational evening. Our Haiti Program Director, Guy Paraison, spoke about how the people of Haiti are recovering from the January 12th, 2010 earthquake. Our Burundi Program Director, Lazare Sebitereko, was also present and spoke about how the people of Burundi are working toward peace and reconciliation following years of civil war and genocide.

During his presentation, Lazare shared the story of Leoni. When Lazare met Leoni she was returning to Burundi from exile and looking for work. Lazare said, “I saw that there was hope in her, and that she could change and be whole again.” He introduced her to a community where they had a need for her talent: making stoves. Leoni now travels to other communities and teaches people how to make fuel-efficient stoves, which burn 60% less wood and produce less smoke, improving people’s health.

“People have power,” Lazare said. “They just need someone to tell them ‘you can do it’.”

The night ended on a celebratory note, as the Haitian Christian band, Lounge a Dieu, which means “Praise to God” performed lively Haitian music.

This event followed a week long holistic ministry summit, where six of our program directors from all over the world convened to discuss Plant With Purpose’s mission and vision. It’s such a rare opportunity to have them all together, and it was truly incredible for me to have conversations with each of them about our programs and hear them share stories of hope.

Thank you so much to everyone who came and made this night truly memorable!













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