Sunsets and the Great Outdoors

Written by Plant With Purpose on July 20, 2011 in General

By Audrie Peveler

It’s beginning to get “hot” in San Diego.  The other night I had to laugh at myself as I went searching for a fan at 1am just so I could sleep.  In my hometown of Henderson, NV (right outside of Las Vegas), what we’re experiencing in San Diego would be considered a cold spell.  This is my first July not in 100+ degree weather with humidity, and there’s not a whole lot I miss about that.  One thing I do love and miss about the desert, though, is desert sunsets. 

Call me crazy, but I prefer my desert sunsets to the sun setting over the Pacific.  However, a couple weeks ago there was an ocean sunset that took my breath away, along with the breath of the hundreds of other people who stood along Sunset Cliffs near Ocean Beach.  All kinds of people flock to OB, but no matter where you were that evening, you paused.  It was a very surreal experience, realizing that I had at least one thing in common with every person on those cliffs.
That brings us to segue #1:
This summer my family and I embarked on our first camping adventure in a long time.  I met them south of Yosemite National Park, where we stayed for a few days before venturing into the valley.  Our trip included hikes to gorgeous waterfalls, bike rides on trails lined with enormous trees, and finally, a day in world-famous Yosemite.  I think the last time we were there for more than a few hours I was two or three years old, which means the three young boys in the picture didn’t exist yet.  Despite the years, Yosemite hasn’t changed much.  That’s a beautiful thing.  
Our day in the park included stepping on toes, running to catch the first available picnic table, and burning the brakes on our bikes; there were many, many people in the park, especially for a Monday in June.  All nationalities, cultures, and languages were represented.  At first, the situation was just plain annoying.  Here we were, trying to enjoy a peaceful family vacation, and all these people had to come and ruin it.  
But then I realized something: We all had one thing in common, and that was awe and love for creation.  Welcome to segue #2:
If you haven’t made the connection between the beautiful sunset, my awesome family vacation, and Plant With Purpose, let me help you out.  Plant With Purpose works with people of all different creeds and color, but one thing we have in common with them is a love for creation.  I find myself stopping to admire beauty in all sorts of places.  There is beauty in the mighty Pacific crashing against the cliffs with all its might.  There is beauty in untouched, open meadows.  There is beauty in desert flowers that only bloom for a few hours.  There is beauty in the diverse people Plant With Purpose has the privilege of working with.  We serve a beautiful and creative God.  His creation cries out for healing; healing of the land and its people.  As you enjoy your summer vacations and various trips, may the beauty of creation point you to the Creator who clothes the lilies of the field, and watches over you, me, and every rural farmer PWP works with.
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