The Other Other Percent

Written by Plant With Purpose on May 2, 2012 in General

By Jimmy Lee, Development Associate

Today marks International Workers’ Day and in many parts of the world May Day rallies are being held where workers and laborers‑”the 99%”‑are gathering together to have their voices heard in large numbers. Here at Plant With Purpose, we support workers’ rights and greater inclusion of citizens in their country’s own political processes. But we also want to highlight “the 70%”‑the world’s rural poor‑who work their land each and every day to provide for themselves and their families. Plant With Purpose partners with these rural farmers around the world to equip them with the tools and knowledge to not only improve their economic situation, but to also restore the land and the environment.

Mr. Wilner Saintil is a member of the Bonom community group in Fonds Verrettes, Haiti. Using the techniques taught by Plant With Purpose, Mr. Wilner has a thriving agroforestry plot on his farmland. Some of the techniques that he has employed include grafting avocados to improve yield, interplanting sweet potatoes with other crops, and propagating banana seedlings to sell to his neighbors for additional income. Mr. Wilner hopes to earn enough money through the sale of his produce and timber trees from his agroforestry farm to build a new home for his family. 

When Mr. Wilner first heard of Plant With Purpose and its plans to build cisterns in the community, Mr. Wilner was skeptical of its long-term commitment Bonom. But when he found out about Plant With Purpose’s long-term vision and it’s holistic approach to each of its projects, Mr. Wilner wanted to become part of that vision and joined the farmers association. Over time, Mr. Wilner and his association have worked together bring about positive transformation to Bonom. Because of his passion and knowledge, Mr. Wilner is now working for his community and Plant With Purpose as the agricultural technician. Everyday Mr. Wilner continues to work hard for his community and the vision that he shares with Plant With Purpose.

We’re honored to partnering with such hard working and passionate farmers like Mr. Wilner across all our programs. So on this International Workers’ Day, we want to take a moment to celebrate and give thanks to all our wonderful staff and partners: mesi, gracias, asante, kob bun krab, and thank you!

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