Today Is World AIDS Day

Written by Plant With Purpose on December 1, 2011 in General

by Beth Clayton Luthye

Today is World AIDS Day. It’s also my daughter’s 2nd birthday.

Before she was born, I bought a small Moleskine journal. I was going to use it to jot down observations and memories, those little moments I’d want to remember. It was a great idea, but I never followed through. I got as far as deciding on an opening quote: “Welcome to the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don’t be afraid.” This was something Frederick Buechner wrote as a way of trying to describe the grace of God. Over the course of Baby Girl’s short life, the truth of those words has hit me regularly.

We live in a world where terrible things happen — things like AIDS, an ugly but entirely preventable disease that kills 5,000 people every day. Every single day. It destroys families, and it destroys communities. But we serve a God who wants to change the world. It the beauty breaking through the terrible that is a reminder of the “now and not yet” of God’s kingdom in our world.

The HIV and AIDS pandemic is a global concern, but as we all know it has hit Sub-Saharan Africa especially hard, countries like Tanzania and Burundi where Plant With Purpose works.

One of the beautiful ways Plant With Purpose helps to address AIDS in communities is through nutrition.  Without healthy foods, any anti-retroviral medicines are far less effective. But with nutritious foods, people living with HIV and AIDS live longer lives because their bodies can fight infection better.

A garden that allows a person living with HIV and AIDS to grow and eat healthy vegetables is a beautiful thing.

Today is World AIDS Day. It’s also a day where the beautiful can break through the terrible.

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