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Too Cool for School

Posted by Corbyn Small

We talk a lot about empowerment on this blog, whether it be empowerment for the women we work with so they can become providers in their families or empowerment of entire communities to unite, work together, and move toward a common good for the sake of all of the families living there. Teaching a man to fish, rather than giving a man a fish. Don’t we all want to be providers or to be a part of something bigger than ourselves? Doesn’t every parent want their children to grow up learning how to do things for themselves, thinking through problems and finding solutions?

Every semester, Emily Small (yes there is a connection there), teaches a class at Albert Einstein Charter Academy called Root(ed). Root(ed) teaches 6-8th graders about the six countries that Plant With Purpose works in. They talk about socio-economic issues, the third-world, poverty alleviation, and what Plant With Purpose does to make a difference. One thing that Emily Small doesn’t teach the students is what they can do to help. She asks them.

Emily guides her students through a process of learning about farmers who live in places like Haiti, Thailand, and Mexico, helping them to discover the challenges these families can face and how they’re learning to overcome those challenges as they partner with Plant With Purpose. Then, she sets the kids free and allows their creative minds to do the rest!

Every semester different groups of students have raised over $500 by throwing creative fundraisers and spreading the word about how people can help. They’ve had bbq’s, school dances, staff vs. student flag football games, videos, dramas, raffles, carnival style games, and now…coming to Albert Einstein Academy this Wednesday… a movie night! Click here to listen to one of their promotional ads encouraging students and families to come join!

Needless to say, we think that empowerment is awesome. Whether it be in a developing country or right here in our own backyard. Thanks to the staff, leadership, and students at Albert Einstein Academy for partnering with Plant With Purpose over the last two years to raise well over $2,500 to support the empowerment of families in Mexico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Burundi, and Tanzania. Through your desire to “provide each student with roots and wings to thrive in a global world,” you are empowering the creative minds of brilliant students who will be the leaders of the next generation.

Now the question is… will you be there?

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