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Written by Plant With Purpose on November 7, 2012 in General


November brings a lot of good change: change of seasons, change in temperature, and change of pace signified by the changing of color and the dropping of leaves from deciduous trees (in most parts of the U.S., anyway).

Trees are not only vibrant pieces of our landscapes, but they’re also necessary for human existence. Of course, that’s why they’re an essential part of Plant With Purpose’s work. Trees planted in watersheds are revitalizing streams, holding soil in place, replenishing nutrients into the ground, and increasing food production on small farms. The simple act of planting trees is changing the lives of the rural poor as they discover sustainable ways to increase the yield of their crops, improving both diets and incomes for families and creating a better future for children.  

This fall as we experience a time where trees are appreciated for their beauty, we also want to appreciate them for the life support they provide to people around the world. In celebration of the form and function of trees, we’re hosting a photo contest! So as these deciduous gems of our landscapes—sycamores, birch, maples, aspens, oaks, and elms—droptheir leaves, capture the beauty in an image.Feel free to pay tribute to coniferous trees as well—pines, firs, redwoods, sequoias. 

Starting Monday, November 12, Plant With Purpose will be hosting an online photo contest through Facebook. To participate, upload your image of a tree and then invite friends, family members, colleagues, and even random acquaintances to vote for their favorite photo.

Submission and voting ends Friday, November 23, 2012. Winners announced soon after.

The photographer with the most votes will receive a Plant With Purpose prize pack (t-shirt, pine-needle basket, coffee, and more), and the second- and third-place winners will receive a Plant With Purpose t-shirt.  

OK, now grab your camera, get outside, and start snapping. Submit your best photos on Facebook by visiting the online contest page.

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