Turn Your Bottles & Cans Into Trees!

Written by Annelise Jolley on April 9, 2013 in General

As promised, this month we’re posting creative ways for you to participate in Earth Month. Recycling is one of the simplest earth-friendly habits to adopt. Makes sense, right? This practice represents one of the “Three R’s” of the environment–reduce, reuse, recycle–and with good reason. Recycling is about more than just separating waste. We have the opportunity to reuse and recycle materials every day. Choosing to be mindful of our resources helps both conserve products and ensure they don’t harm the environment after use.

To kick off your recycling efforts, print out Plant With Purpose’s free, downloadable label. Stick the image on your recycling bin as a reminder of the good those cans and bottles can do. Once you fill the bin, take it to a local recycling center and receive money back. Then, you can donate the “recycled” money to Plant With Purpose and plant a tree (or trees) in one of our six partnering countries. Your daily habit will make a life-changing difference!

If you really want to get creative, check out our “Upcycling” Pinterest board for ideas on new uses for old materials. The process of converting used materials into something different or better is called upcycling, and it’s another sustainable way to reuse.

In honor of Earth Month, make recycling about something bigger than the difference between paper and plastic. Your habit of stewardship will literally put trees in the ground!

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