Improve Health

Providing tools and training for families to become healthier

Our three-part approach to community development
results in improved health for families and communities.

Backyard gardens (including small animals), diversified crops, and agroforestry improve nutrition and food security. Fuel-efficient stoves reduce the use of fuel wood by 50%. Not only does this improve the health of the forests, but it also helps to drastically reduce the incidence of respiratory disease cause by smoke inhalation. (Currently, more people worldwide die from smoke-related causes than malaria and AIDS combined.) Rainwater cisterns provide a year-round supply of water for household use; not only does this improve health, but it also reduces the amount of time women and children have to walk to gather water that is too often tainted by waterborne diseases. And ecological composting latrines reduces the contamination of a community’s groundwater resources and also improves the hygiene and sanitation of families.


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