Resolve to Grow Hope

Plant trees. Grow communities. Harvest Hope.

“The question asked by the Bible is who is your neighbor? The neighbor doesn’t have to be a person you already know. If you look at the word and compare it to what our supporters have done, you can compare our supporters to the Good Samaritan. If I try to relate that to the environmental restoration work we do, we as human beings have been destroying our environment. But people from far away support our activities and initiatives to restore our environment. To me, this is what loving your neighbor means. The support and cooperation that people from the other side of the world have shown us, even without personally knowing us. As we accept our mission and continue to restore the environment that God has given us, we start to look more like the Good Samaritan”

Your gifts are being used to help restore the environment, lift families out of poverty, and renew hope in some of the most difficult places to live. These gifts make all the difference for the families that are impacted by transformation.

Learn how you can lift partnering families out of poverty for good.