The Summer Sower:
Strategically Partnering With Communities

Written by Plant With Purpose on June 24, 2014 in Sower


Director’s Corner

I recently returned from Haiti, where I visited our work in the mountainside villages near Fonds-Verrettes. While there, we stay a few miles up the road from our field office at a lodge in a forest reserve. It is an idyllic place where the morning sun filters through pine trees covered with epiphytes and onto a green forest floor carpeted with bromeliads. Not far away livestock graze and beans are cultivated in little clearings. It is a glimpse of what the mountains of Haiti once looked like. The road from Fonds-Parisien to the forest reserve, however, brought us through two stunningly washed out riverbeds.

Read more from Executive Director Scott Sabin as he shares about bringing our loaves and fish to God.


Strategically Partnering
With Communities Around the World

By Doug Satre

My first visit to see Plant With Purpose’s work was six years ago, in the spring of 2008. A group of us traveled to the community of Savane Real on the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic—a newer program area at the time. It was dusk as we drove high into the mountains and visible fires burned on several hillsides as farmers cleared their fields for planting. It was the kind of degraded landscape I’d heard about—severely deforested, incredibly steep, and eroded—yet as far as the eye could see these steep hillsides were still being farmed.

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Is Sustainable Development
Possible Without the Gospel?

By Annelise Jolley

During the last few years, a shift occurred in the conversation surrounding community development. Sustainability became a buzzword, and social justice grew exponentially in popularity. Thanks to their marketing power, these concepts are now household terms.

Although sustainable and justice are both words we use often at Plant With Purpose, in the context of our work they are much more than marketing tools – they’re indicators of real success. Sustainable development means justice is taking place and will continue to take place. In its fullest sense, it means transformation over the long haul. In reflecting on Plant With Purpose’s thirty years working toward transformation in rural communities, the term sustainable development has never seemed more fitting.

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Village Spotlight:
La Sabana de Caballero, Dominican Republic

By Becky Rosaler

Away from the coast in rural areas we find small communities where families farm the land to earn an income through agriculture. In the U.S., we put our hard-earned money into savings accounts or investments. But as Dominican farmers earn pesos, few are able to invest or save their income. Less than 30 percent of adults in the Dominican Republic have accounts at formal financial institutions (World Bank).

The community of La Sabana de Caballero is learning to manage their money through Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA).

Read about the difference that VSLAs make in communities like La Sabana de Caballero.


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This spring, Plant With Purpose moved offices! We will be opening our doors on Wednesday, July 16 to share our new digs.

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Keep your yard blooming and help families in Haiti at the same time. For every purchase of Kellogg’s Gardner and Bloome line, Plant With Purpose receives a donation.

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