A Christmas Wish: Spiritual Renewal in Burundi

Written by Annelise Jolley on December 21, 2013 in General

blog bannerDiscover the Christmas wishes of farming families around the world. As a December blog series, Plant With Purpose shares what families in each of our six partnering countries wish for, and what gives them hope. Up next: Burundi.

Though Burundi’s civil war ended years ago, remnants of conflict still linger. Decades of war tore apart families and land, and many Burundians spent the war sitting idly in refugee camps. Now back at home, the desire for direction and purpose is palpable. This season, the families that Plant With Purpose partners with are wishing for renewal.

Pastor Zacharia of Kayero Methodist Church

Pastor Zacharia of Kayero Methodist Church

In response to this need, partnering churches are taking part in Plant With Purpose’s “Theology of Work” curriculum. This Bible study encourages the community to find purpose in working for God’s glory. Kayero Methodist Church in Rutana recently hosted a “Theology of Work” seminar. “I learned how to develop and improve families, churches, and communities,” shares Pastor Zacharia, head pastor at Kayero. Through the study, the church was inspired to use their resources to benefit the surrounding community. Kayero decided to plant banana on the 20 acres of land they had owned for nearly 100 years. The church invited members of the congregation to donate plants, and invited the entire community to come and cultivate the land.

“I learned how to develop and improve families, churches, and communities,” shares Pastor Zacharia.

Pastor Zacharia explained that the church is ready to work; people are excited to dedicate their time to this project and take ownership of the idea. Just a month after the seminar, the congregation is already bearing (literal) fruit from planting their 20 acres with banana plants. The Kayero community is experiencing a fresh sense purpose as they care for their land and their neighbors. This movement of  generosity and community involvement, led by the local church, is the kind of transformation Plant With Purpose programs seek to achieve.

Thank you for making the wishes of our partnering families come true this season. This Christmas, make spiritual renewal a reality by giving the gift of Church-Led Discipleship. Your support brings life and hope to rural communities.

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