A Christmas Wish: Nutrition in Tanzania

Written by Annelise Jolley on December 10, 2013 in General

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What are the Christmas wishes of farming families around the world? As a December blog series, Plant With Purpose shares what families in each of our six partnering countries wish for, and what gives them hope. First up: Tanzania. 

Proper nutrition is essential for raising a healthy family. However, many Tanzanian children are growing up malnourished in one of the hungriest countries worldwide. Farming families often eat only what they can produce, and struggle to grow a balanced diet that includes enough vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

Neema Elifadhi is a 38-year-old mother providing for her three daughters in Tae, a small Tanzanian village. For many years, Neema’s family experienced chronic malnutrition. Neema joined Plant With Purpose in 2010 and received several trainings including entrepreneurship, organic vegetable farming, chicken management, and environmental conservation. Through these trainings, Neema was equipped to feed her daughters a full and balanced diet, as well as pay their school fees on her own.

Neema remembers, “I revived my local chicken project from 10 to 170 in three month’s time and sold 150 birds.” Now she also grows and sells organic vegetables from her double dug garden. She says that with extra income from selling her produce, “I managed to build a three-room modern house using burnt bricks and corrugated iron sheets with electricity in it for my family. I am also able to pay for all the required bills & contributions for my house hold in the community without relying from any person.”

This Christmas, fulfill the wishes of mothers like Neema by gifting the tools and resources they need to feed their families. Give any of the five gifts of nutrition to help supplement a family’s diet. A clutch of chicks, a family garden, a goat, a pair of rabbits or a piglet can make all the difference for a rural farming family.


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