A Christmas Wish: Sharing and Living the Good News

Written by Plant With Purpose on December 21, 2011 in General

Our next very special Christmas wish comes from a woman named Jocelyn Dieumène of Barye, Haiti. Jocelyn lives in a place where words like community mean something. In the five years Jocelyn has participated in Plant With Purpose programs, her income has increased as her small plot of land has gone from producing 20 pounds of beans at a time to 50 pounds at a time. She is now able to afford the fees needed to send her three children to school, but beyond that Jocelyn says participation in group Bible studies has also encouraged her to give back to her community. 

“When I listen to God’s word, my ideas change positively, and I am ready to share with my neighbors,” Jocelyn says.

During the Christmas season, you can help communities like Barye to strengthen their church and community ties by providing critical resources, training, and Bible study materials to pastors and leaders. 

Consider giving a gift that will empower churches around the world to engage the needs of their communities in the name of Christ.

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