A Little Change Will Go a Long Way

Written by Plant With Purpose on May 9, 2011 in General

by Corbyn Small

Remember when we asked you to vote for Plant With Purpose to win $15,000 to plant 15,000 trees through Project 7? Remember when you all voted and we WON that grant? With that grant we planted 15,000 trees and constructed 15 miles of soil erosion barriers to help farmers restore their land and provide for their families! Yep. That was incredible. Well, it’s been over a year now and we still have an awesome relationship with Project 7!

In 2011 Project 7 is hosting a different kind of campaign to support Plant With Purpose. They’re simply asking consumers (you and I) to change their spending habits to provide assistance to 7 different areas of extreme poverty. Your purchase of Project 7 mints, coffee, gum, water, and other everyday products gives over half of your purchase as a donation to organizations like Plant With Purpose! When you buy Project 7 products that say, “Save the Earth” (which you’ll see in airports, Walmart’s, and grocery stores around the nation), you are actually planting fruit trees through Plant With Purpose! Don’t buy more stuff- just change the stuff you’re buying! It’s a change that will make a difference.

Going along with the theme of change, this week we’ll be hanging out with the founder and incredible Project 7 staff at an event called Catalyst in Dallas, Texas. The event is an incredible gathering of influencers that want to make a difference in their communities, churches, and culture. They’re calling for change too. We’re pretty excited to spend some time with them as they serve their great coffee to over 3,000 energetic pastors and thought leaders Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week. While the conference goers reenergize and keep their minds sharp, I’ll get the chance to talk to hundreds of people about how incredible this partnership has been for Plant With Purpose and the farmers we work with. Project 7 fits into the conference perfectly because they are seeking to make a measureable difference in lives around the world! Plant With Purpose gets to be one of the organizations that is helping connect their customer’s thoughtful purchases of everyday products to real world need like planting fruit trees for rural subsistence level farmers in developing countries.

Email me if you’ll be at Catalyst, I’d love to see you! If you can’t make it, you can still be a part of this great campaign for change- keep your eyes out for this logo and think twice when you’re deciding to buy a new pack of gum, water bottle on the go, or savory and refreshing mints. Last year you voted with a click, now your can vote by how you pick. Choose 7.

You can reach Corbyn at or on twitter @corbynsmall

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