A Measureable Difference

Written by Plant With Purpose on October 22, 2013 in General

A 64 percent increase in yield! How is that possible?

This past spring, we introduced the idea of Farmer Field School in our Africa programs as well as here on the blog.


Having just come through the growing season, we’re starting to receive data from the field that shows on a larger scale, the benefits of double dug beds as opposed to traditional flatbed gardens. The most astounding benefit is that 64 percent increase in yield!

580 farmers in Tanzania conducted 21 trials comparing double dugs with flatbeds.

Here are the conclusions that they drew:

FFS Fall2013 Results

The use of double dugs is just one way that Plant With Purpose is providing tools and training for farming families to improve their circumstances. This proof that double dugs increase crop yield will allow farming families to grow more food, bring better nutrition to their families, and add a source of income because of selling excess at market!

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