A Postcard From Oaxaca

Written by Plant With Purpose on June 19, 2012 in General

Greetings from Mexico! 

In April, two of our US Plant With Purpose staff visited the work going on in Oaxaca, Mexico. It is a popular tourist destination known for the rich culture, beautiful art created by the locals, and a fabulous climate. Most exciting for us was seeing positive change in our communities and the environment. Enjoy this quick story from our trip. 

During our time in Mexico, we had the opportunity to visit the community of Monteflor. The leaders and people of Monteflor took initiative to build a kitchen for local children who travel long distances to attend school. Women in the community operate this kitchen, which provides meals for these students. Our hope is that this will encourage more families to send their children to school. Monteflor, the Mexican government, and Plant With Purpose combined resources to complete this kitchen.  Nothing was wasted as the villagers used excess materials from past cistern projects and borrowed molds from Plant With Purpose to build the kitchen cistern. 

We praise God that He allowed us to lend a hand in the construction of this kitchen and cistern. It was inspiring to see the strong cultural value of unity in this community that was so apparent in how they carried out this project. Members who initially were not interested in assisting joined in the effort simply because they are committed to their community. We pray that the kitchen is able to serve many nutritious meals and provide a needed service that allows more children to go to school. 

Plant With Purpose molds for the cistern. 

Measuring out construction materials.

Cistern under construction. 

Completed project ~ cistern and newly built kitchen!

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