A Prayer for World Humanitarian Day

Written by Plant With Purpose on August 19, 2014 in General

Recent reports of global injustices have left us heavy hearted. This morning in honor of World Humanitarian Day, Plant With Purpose’s San Diego staff took some time to pray for the events wracking our world. In the face of such humanitarian crises, we accept that we can’t fix the broken nature of things. But we have hope knowing that we serve and communicate with the God who can. Pray with us.



We join together in praise today – that you are a God of justice and compassion. We are grateful that you know our stories intimately and that you also know the limitations of our humanity. Give us the eyes to see one another more clearly and help us enter into one another’s stories.
Thank you for those on the front lines – from development professionals to community leaders – who are working to eliminate oppression, right systemic injustices, and restore broken relationships. We pray that you would empower and protect them, as they remain steadfastly committed to see wrongs righted.
We pray for your intervention – that barriers that divide crumble, prejudices disappear, and hatreds cease. Holy Spirit, move in our hearts – that we would act when faced by the needs of others. Move in our hearts – that we would turn to you, not only in times of conflict and injustice but in all situations, as we seek to be reflections of your Son.
We pray for compassion to seize our hearts and wisdom our minds, to act effectively and humbly in all we do. We pray for all of humanity – that we would respect each other’s differences, lay aside our predispositions, and be united in Love.
Draw us into one another’s stories. Bolster us with hope and equip us for action.


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