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Written by Plant With Purpose on March 18, 2014 in General, News & Events


Introducing our new downloadable Advocacy Resources Kit!

Interested in tangible ways to take action and effect positive change in the lives of the rural poor? Become an advocate for Plant With Purpose and the rural communities we partner with. Our online Advocacy Resources Kit is your personal guide to numerous ideas and helpful tools for making a difference.

What does advocacy look like? In a word, it looks like YOU. Because advocacy is inspired by the ingenuity of individual supporters, it can take a variety of forms. Whether you’re looking to organize a marathon or share the Plant With Purpose story among an intimate group of friends, the Advocacy Resources Kit contains media and educational materials to help you achieve your goal. We provide photos, videos, and stories from farmers who partner with us, among other resources. In addition, the Advocacy Resources Kit offers guidance in planning events and campaigns to raise awareness and funds for empowering the rural poor around the globe.

Want help talking about the work of Plant With Purpose? The Advocacy Resources Kit offers a script for discussion, complete with short films that can be used to further illustrate how Plant With Purpose is transforming lives. We believe the passion you have for seeing communities made whole through environmental restoration, economic empowerment, and spiritual renewal is the most persuasive platform for sharing Plant With Purpose with your community.

With over three-quarters of Plant With Purpose programs operating through the generosity of churches and individuals, the Advocacy Resources Kit makes advocacy more accessible for current and future supporters. For one innovative advocate, Rachel, doing more has meant living with less. Rachel is wearing a single dress for an entire year to reach her goal of planting 12,000 trees! To read more about Rachel, visit

Whatever being an advocate looks like for you, we hope the Advocacy Resources Kit will help you get started! Visit and download all the tools. We’re excited to hear more about the unique ideas and plans our supporters have. You can share your ideas and plans for advocacy with us by emailing

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