An Olympic Size Goal: Ending Hunger

Written by Plant With Purpose on August 14, 2012 in General

This past Sunday, musicians, athletes, and dignitaries came together to celebrate the motto “Faster, Higher, Stronger” at the closure of the latest Summer Olympics. The torch was passed to Rio 2016, and in another four years we’ll be uniting to cheer on the world’s athletes there. So maybe that’s not really news to most of you. But something we think is even more exciting was taking place when many of us weren’t watching.

On the same day the Games were drawing to a close,the UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron and Brazil’s Vice President Michel Temer took advantage of the momentum to co-host a summit to talk about an Olympic-size problem: Hunger. The event brought together leaders from around the globe to focus on ways to address childhood hunger and malnutrition before the next Opening Ceremony in Rio de Janeiro.  

British track star Mo Farah, winner of the gold in the 5,000- and 10,000-meter races, was there on Sunday. The runner, who was born in Mogadishu, Somalia, said, “I am really pleased to meet with the Prime Minister and talk to him about this issue, which is very close to my heart. Last year I visited Somalia during the famine. It was shocking to see people in the country where I was born simply not having enough food to eat. The London Olympics have been an incredible two weeks. And now we have an opportunity to make the legacy of these Olympics one that will inspire generations at home and also one that could save the lives of millions of children, and give them the chance to thrive and to fulfill their potential.”

Plant With Purpose is also committed to fighting childhood hunger and malnutrition. Family gardens add nutrition and variety to the dinner tables of families in rural communities. Raising goats, chicken, and other animals adds protein and milk to the diets of growing children. And the sale of leftover produce and eggs provides income that allows parents to provide for their children’s other needs, such school fees.  

The Kimaro family in Tanzania is a perfect example of how Plant With Purpose has been walking alongside families in the fight against childhood hunger and malnutrition.  This video beautifully explains their story of hope, transformation, and a future for the Kimaro children and others like them in rural communities around the world. 

Join us in the good work being done to eliminate childhood hunger and malnutrition. By Sponsoring A Village for a dollar a day, you can make a difference in the lives of kids around the world. Sponsor A Village brings the training, empowerment, and hope families need to help their children go faster, higher, and stronger.

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