Bee-line to Productivity

Written by Plant With Purpose on July 24, 2014 in General


How doth the little busy bee
Improve each shining hour,
And gather honey all the day
From every shining flower!
-Isaac Watts



God in His infinite creativity made flowers unique for our enjoyment but also to attract the perfect pollinator. A flower’s specific colors, distinct scent, and even the time of day or night its petals open directly relates to which animal or insect will spread the powdery substance from bud to bud so those flowers can bring forth fruit.


There is a reason we call productive people “worker bees”: these busybodies keep the world fed! The tiny producers of one of our favorite sweet treats are also credited for the maturation of fresh fruits and veggies. Berries, stone fruits, melons, avocados, carrots, and many more are dependent on bees. In fact, thirty percent of crops need bees for pollination.


Over the years, 186 partnering farmers in Haiti have received training in beekeeping. Beekeeping workshops have also been conducted in the Dominican Republic and Tanzania. The know-how of raising bees adds value to family farms as the bees pollinate local crops and produce honey—both income-generating products. Plant With Purpose also promotes planting native species that support the health of bee colonies.


This summer, be kind to the bees. Plant a bee-friendly garden; they typically like native, flowering plants. Take a beekeeping workshop at a neighborhood farm. Support local beekeepers by purchasing homegrown honey. And help us integrate bees into the family farms sprouting up in rural communities around the world.

Photographs by the talented Studio Castillero. Additional photos can be found in this Plant With Purpose Flickr album

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