Both Near and Far

Written by Plant With Purpose on November 2, 2010 in General

by Corbyn

There are two things going on this weekend that I think our bloggers should be aware of. Both of them have to do with homelessness and human rights. Both near and far.

In places like Oaxaca, Northern Thailand, and east Africa, parents are forced every day to move their families into compromising situations in order to do what they think is best to survive. Rural families flee across borders and move into urban slums looking for any possibility to stay together. As we have blogged about before, Plant With Purpose works upstream in rural areas to help those families create opportunity and fight patterns of immigration. We want to see families thrive where they are on the land that they have. That doesn’t mean that we ignore the painful fact that human trafficking exists today more than ever before. Families are still being compromised and there needs to be intervention, protection, and recovery programs to help them get back onto their feet.

Join Plant With Purpose at the Justice Day event on Saturday in Escondido at Kit Carson Park Amphitheater- 3315 Bear Valley Pkwy from 2-10pm. It will be a great gathering of movers and shakers that will focus on raising awareness against local human trafficking, fair trade and homelessness issues. There will also be a free private screening of the full length, extremely moving film, Call & Response.  Plant With Purpose will be there to support the other great organizations that will be present. I have also been given the opportunity to speak regarding the connection between the environment, poverty, and human trafficking. We’d love to see you there!

The other San Diego event is being put on by our friends and partners at the San Diego Rescue Mission. The San Diego Rescue Mission is having its candle light vigil for the Homeless in San Diego who have passed away in the last year. SDRM has an incredible mission here in San Diego working in our own community. Please come this Sunday the 7th from 4:00pm-5:15pm to the County Administration Center on Harbor Drive to be a part of this memorial service for our neighbors here.

We love sharing Plant With Purpose’s programs with you every day here on the blog. Trust me, that’s why we do it! But our staff here in the development department realizes that Plant With Purpose is just a piece of a much larger puzzle fighting against broken systems in this world. There are lots of other non-profit organizations that are working in different areas, addressing real needs, and transforming lives on a day to day basis, and they are doing a great job. We want to draw your attention to these organizations as we each grow in our understanding of how we can be a part of making a difference by fulfilling Christ’s call in our lives to be his hands and feet as the body of Christ.

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